Our offer includes a wide range of modern cases for mobile phones.

You can choose from ready designs from prepared by us collections, as well as design your own case basing on our designs. We also let you use your own ictures to do that.

The offer as well as the case itself is created by a young team, who knows how important is a fashionable look of your devices, and how important it is to properly secure it from possible damages.

Our products are not just modern and fashionable. We care about the smallest of the details. Perfect execution and excellent quality, which guarantees that the case is scratch and damage proof. An ideal fit for your phone gives you assurance, that it is well secured.

We offer extremely wide range of products. Cases and holsters, which we create are designed for most popular manufacturers such as Iphone, Samsung, LG, Sony, Motorola, HTC and many many more available on the market. They are being made to fit a certain device perfectly, that’s why they let you use all of the phone’s features without restrictions.

Most frequent questions:

We invite you to get acquainted with the most frequently asked questions of our customers, where you can find answers to all of your objections.

1. How can I order a case with my own design?

Our online store has a feature, which lets you independently design your own case.

Under the name of “creator” you can design a case using prepared designs shared in our gallery of patterns or by choosing “add photo” feature, which will let you upload your own photo, design or ready project.

It is really simple! Only six steps separate you from fulfilling your dreams about a perfect case, or protection for your mobile devices.


On the main page of creator there is a database of available phone models.

Choose the model, that you are interested in. If you cannot find your phone, make an use of the browser, which will make things easier.


In the next step you will be choosing what kind of case will be your phone wearing.


Design your case accordingly to your own expectations, using prepared by us gallery or your own designs and then click “add to the basket”


On this stage, you can see an actual list of your items. Here you will be filling in all information necessary to finalize the order. You can also return to your project and modify it.


Next stage is choosing the method of delivery for your order and accepting terms of service.


We choose a method of payment that fits us. Traditional transfers or fast online payments.

Finally make sure, that all the personal information are correct.

The most common mistake that delays the delivery is incorrect personal information or the lack of it.

When you are sure that everything is correct, all there is left to do is clicking the “Order” button.

From this moment the order will be send to the shop.

2. Can I make an order by phone?

Unfortunately not. We do not accept phone orders in our shop to prevent misunderstandings, especially in the moment of giving personal information for the order eg.: Wrong address.

3. Was my order executed? How long do I have to wait for the delivery? How can I track the shipment?

Our customers constantly informed about the delivery status by automatic e-mail messages, which are sent to the e-mail address given upon registration or making an order.  Along with the information about the date of sending the package, the client receives a tracking link and number of the waybill, thanks to which he can independently track the order and check, what is happening with the shipment, what is the stage of delivery. Number of the waybill can be checked by the website of deliverer

Time of waiting for the courier is no longer than 5 working days

working days -  Monday to Friday – excluding Saturdays, Sundays and statutory holidays

4. Do you ship abroad?

Yes, we do.

5.Delays in execution

Delays in execution result mostly from the lack of personal information, which are needed to finish the transaction. It can be information clarifying the buyers personal information eg. Lack of the delivery information ( attention: mostly lack of house number).

Our employees after verifying the order, which was unclarified, immediately try to contact the customer by e-mail

6. Delivery delays / shipment info not updating on the deliverer’s website

Very often information about the delivery status are not being updated by the fault of the deliverer. Our company is not responsible for the lack of information

7. Does the case have all the necessary cutouts?

Almost every case has its cutouts, which enable a proper use of your phone. However in some cases it happens, that we receive the ware from abroad wholesales, which we do not have any influence on, hence the lack of cutouts eg. Side buttons cutouts or lamp cutouts. If you did receive a faulty product whose cutouts restrict your use of the phone, we ask you to contact us on office@funnycase.pl

8. How can I make a complaint?

In case of reclamation, that means the reveal od the product’s fault during the time of usage, or when the print differs from the ordered one, we kindly ask you to earlier contact the reclamation section via e-mail rma@funnycase.pl in order to verify the occurred situation.                                     The customer by the par. 12 of shops terms of service, can demand the reclamation in the period of one year from discovering the fault and not later, than 2 years from receiving the product.


If the shop will not respond to you within 14 days from applying the form or statement by the customer, which are mentioned in the par.3 of the shop’s terms of service, it is believed, that it claims them justified.

Attention: We do not accept reclamation, when they relate to:

* mechanical damages of the product (through incorrect usage)

*not printed borders of merchandise from individual orders

*smell of merchandise from individual orders

*color of merchandise from individual orders

*incorrectly designed case (not including the margin and margins of the cutouts for camera, lamp etc).

9. Why the borders are not printed?

The case has its borders not printed, because the print is done parallel to the printing surface. The rounded surface is printed only to the range of printing head. That’s why before the purchase, customer can preview photos of the item from every side, so he can be aware what kind of product will he receive. Accordingly to that we do not accept any complaints related to the non-printed surface of the case borders.

10. Why does the case smell?

Our cases are made for individual orders, which means, that they are prepared after client has purchased the case, that’s why the smell can be intensive at the beginning. This is also related to large amount of applied ink. Our inks are tested by the control service, they are safe for the user and are not putting the environment or user’s health in danger.
The inks are responsible for the strong color saturation, thanks to which the case is colorful and lively. Our inks are of very high quality when it comes to durability, which is important during everyday life, the print is not “peeling”, and is resistant to scratches.
We guarantee that the smell will disappear over time, and our customer will be able to enjoy an unique design on his phone case. The smell is not subject to complaint.