Any return or exchange are possible only in special cases accordingly to our statute. We offer merchandise individually designed for our customer and already prepared designs to choose from on our website. In case of your own designs, every project is made for an individual order, so it is a prefabricated merchandise, which will not be used for further sale. Therefore it is impossible, to profit from the law of returns and exchanges of the purchased product. A certain record of the regulation says, that “The customer cannot return in case when the item of service is non-prefabricated, printed for the customers specification or  to satisfy his individual needs.”

Accordingly with the consumer rights law, it is a situation, which makes it impossible for a consumer to profit from the right of receding from the contract concluded remotely. In case of ordering a prepared case, the customer is able to return the item, accordingly to the polish consumer law.

In case of ordering one case without a print, and one individually designed, there is a possibility of return, or exchanging only the one without print.